Dalaigur Pre-School & Children’s Services is a 3-unit Independent Indigenous owned community pre-school which serves the community of Kempsey and outlying areas of Kempsey Shire, including Bellbrook. Although priority is given to Indigenous children we do have an active reconciliation policy which allows non Indigenous children to attend.

We employ two University degree qualified early childhood teachers and all our staff hold professional certificates demonstrating their diligence and dedication. We offer innovative early childhood educational programs that have proven to be successful and are culturally appropriate with Australian Indigenous children. We have an excellent reputation within, the local township, professional peers, universities (who often set up their training videos using our techniques in teaching Koori Kids), and the local schools who have all vouch for Dalaigur Pre-School & Children’s Services.

We have been operating successfully for forty five years and been self-managed since 1991

Dalaigur Pre-school currently enrols 118 Aboriginal children aged 3 to 6 years over a 5 day period. The children are provided with an emergent curriculum of activities and interests that are developmentally appropriate and culturally inclusive.


  • Leadership: We provide leadership and solutions to Indigenous Learning that provide the best possible outcome for our children.
  • Collaboration: We work in partnership with stakeholders, leading experts and organisations to meet challenges and opportunities presented by our children and community to build a better future for all
  • Innovation and Education: Our success is dependent upon our innovation, creativity and ability to apply educational outcomes to cultural expectations to meet the needs of all stakeholders
  • Positive Organisation: Staff skills, experience, knowledge and capacity to be flexible are critical to our success and we acknowledge the need to attract and retain the right people to train and also to achieve our strategic direction